Sunday, April 15, 2012

New Adventures

This week has been filled with mixed emotions and hard conversations.  This morning our family announced that we are moving to Atlanta, Georgia! Dj has taken the position as the Director of Choral Music at Greater Atlanta Christian Schools starting August 1st.  We feel that this move is one lead by God, and that this is within HIS plan for our lives.  It has been hard keeping this a secret from those we are close too and work with, but that is how it has to go sometimes.  We will miss all of our friends and family here in North Texas, but know that with DJ's new schedule, we will be able to visit regularly.

I am on the hunt for a job myself (with things in the works as we speak) and am praying for God's guidance in all of this.  We are also getting our house ready to sell in hopes of buying when we get to Atlanta.  With so many changes taking place in such a short time, you can guess how our emotions have, and continue to be.  Again, we know this is Gods will for us and when we step back and remember that, it makes it all a lot less scary and wayyy more manageable.

With all of these changes, I will have to put some of my work and shows on hold while we get our life in order.  It is my goal to keep everyone updated on all of our adventures as we go along.  With getting our house ready to put on the market, my "crafting" is being taken on in a hole new way.  Less crosses and canvases  and more walls, cabinets, and ceilings.  We are also weeding out, sorting through, and repurposing quite a bit.  I foresee a garage sale in our not so distant future! Which will include some supplies from the craft shack.  (Did I mention we had to get everything ready to move?!?!)    We have wayyyy to much stuff!!!! A LOT needs to be sorted within the next few weeks.

Keep having craftastic adventures and remember to listen to what God is telling you, you never know where it will lead you!

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