Friday, April 6, 2012

I know it's been awhile

Hey friends, sorry it's been awhile since my last post! I will warn you now that this post goes all over the place!
This week some terrible tornado's came through our area.  I am amazed at how our house was untouched.  They seemed to have made a horseshoe around our section of neighborhood and I am amazed that our house only lost power for just over 24 hours.  Less then 1/2 mile from our house there is major devastation.  Please continue to lift the families who have been affected by this in your thoughts and prayers.

Before these storms, some new things have happened.  MLBDesigns has had rename itself for various reasons and is now MommyMeggieDesigns

Etsy will be up and running very soon! I am very excited for this to finally happen!

Crazy Birds and I have had a great time at some shows! We have another one this weekend in Bowie, TX. Since it's Easter weekend, we will only be at Bowie 2nd Monday on Saturday.

I have some great new pieces and have some great new idea's I can't wait to have time to create! Here are just a few of my new pieces!

More pictures will follow soon! Last time we were in Bowie I teamed up with a new supplier for my wood and he and I designed my logo out of wood!!!! So soon I will have hearts with wings and a crown to offer!!!! I look forward to sharing this with you!!!!

Have a great Easter!

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